Bellota Iberico Ham

Tradition and future of the Mediterranean Diet, Iberlunch's Pantumaca.

Bellota Iberico Ham

Iberico Ham is a top quality product.

This quality comes from the way the pigs are raised.

The Iberian pig is native to the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula.

Since they live in freedom, their diet is based on acorns as well as some roots and herbs typical of the Dehesa woodlands.

The Dehesa is made up of numerous hundred-year-old holm oak trees and cork oak trees with a green knot of tender shoots covering the ground.

This diet enriches and provides exceptional characteristics to the ham, shoulders and other meat produced from them.

Like other nuts, acorns have over 90% healthy fats. Each animal consumes six to ten kilos of acorns every day.

The slicing of Iberico Ham is essential. Just a few thin slices will melt in the mouth, making absolute enjoyment possible.

Ham carving is an authentic form of art.

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