Olive Oil

Tradition and future of the Mediterranean Diet, Iberlunch's Pantumaca.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Liquid gold. The Balm of Life.

The essence of those ancient olive trees, which is still very much present in our daily diet.

The very same oil obtained in the very same way – by pressing the cold olives.

Today, just like in the past.

The benefits are endless:

  • It’s rich in Oleic Acids such as Omega 9 which reduce cardiovascular diseases and protect the brain from cognitive decline.
  • Rich in Vitamins A, D, E and K with a high concentration of polyphenols, which are essentially natural antioxidants, it’s the best way to delay aging.
  • It helps digestion and prevents gastric acidity.
  • It fights diabetes and the anti-cancer properties are widely recognized.
  • It helps maintain calcium in the bones.
  • It’s the best ally for the immune system.

These countless properties and benefits can only be found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is pure olive juice. IberLunch Pantumaca puts one of the secrets of the Millennial and Healthy Mediterranean Diet right in your hands, adapting its format to your fast-paced lifestyle.

Enjoy it as an experience like no other as a part of your daily life.

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